Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wonder Twin Help

Going over my check list for the hospital I was told to bring my crutches and my knee brace (just in case) on the day of my surgery. I found my crutches in the garage next to my snowboard. Fitting eh? The image of the two sitting there together made me laugh...the snowboard that started it all and my pain in the ass crutches that I will rely so heavily on in the month to come. Had to take a picture and share!
A friend of mine from TKD had ACL surgery last Wednesday and has been a great source of information! Thanks Mrs. I!! Keeping tabs on your pain levels and daily challenges have helped me. You seem to be holding up like a trooper and giving me hope for a similar week following surgery! You've also put reality into the situation which I appreciate. I am much more at ease when I know what to expect. I'm now more aware than ever that I need to absolutely stay on top of my pain meds, the first car ride the following day will suck and I will hate STIM even more than I already do. Even through all that the pain won't last forever and it does start to get a little better as the days pass. PT will be difficult, but hopefully I'll be in a different mindset because I will no longer be working toward surgery....but toward long term recovery and a normal functioning knee. Yeah!
Count down is on and I'm done with Coumadin...5 days to go...bring it on!


  1. Best of luck with your upcoming surgery!

  2. You are absolutely right about the mindshift change! I feel like I am now working toward something instead of for lack of a better expression, passing the time until surgery. The having to "start over again" hurdle is tough, but also the silver lining in those first days. They are the hardest, but you will be so happy you are strong going in!

    Thank you for your kind words, and feel free to ask anything. Really, anything you have a question about. I'd be happy to share my experience.