Monday, March 15, 2010

Back to the ER

This morning I noticed some funky swelling in my left calf and ankle. My calf was looking really swollen and I had a lump on the inside of my ankle (think "cankle"!). I hadn't seen this type of swelling since I started the blood thinners over a month ago. Given that I hadn't hurt myself or changed anything in my activity level my hubby and I were pretty concerned about possible new developments with the blood clots.

After a call to my family doctor we went to the ER to have it checked out. I had another ultrasound done on my leg. One superficial clot has disappeared, but one remains and there has been no change in the DVT (deep vein clot). The doc said at this point the clots should be going away and he's not quite sure why they're not. His hope (and ours) is that I will learn more about why it isn't going away when I meet with the Hematologist doc.

In the end the ER doc said intermittent swelling in my leg is common and to just be aware/rest whenever it comes on. He didn't really have an explanation as to why it just happened and why I haven't seen it before this. He said I shouldn't consider this a set back and my body is just taking a little longer to clear the clots.

I'm looking more pathetic in this pic than I actually was. I was just really tired. My hubby and I joked around that we were in the "South Hallwa Islands" (the sign above me is missing the "y"). The nurse added that if you crossed your eyes and looked at the sign quickly it actually looked like "Hawaii". She was right. It sounded good anyway to pass the time. :-)

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