Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Same Page

I was supposed to hear from the Hematology group yesterday, but didn't. Squeaky wheel gets the grease right? I called this afternoon to get things rolling. The kind lady on the phone pulled up the referral and was confused as to why I was referred to them. She said that any blood screens they would be able to do would not affect my risk level for surgery and some of the tests can't be done while I'm on Coumadin anyway. She said those tests would have to wait until I'm done with surgery and completely done with my course of medication. She said the lady in charge of scheduling would call me regardless, but not to expect things to happen quickly. Only so many doctors and there was already a stack of referrals ahead of mine. In a more polite way she basically told me to dream on about seeing them before my next appointment with the surgeon (March 17th). Not sure that I need to see them at all right now. Errrr.

Going to make some phone calls tomorrow to my family doctor (who's monitoring my Coumadin) and to the surgeon. Hoping to get everyone on the same page! I don't think that's too much to ask.

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