Sunday, March 7, 2010

New View

Today I experienced something new... I joined the non-skiing/non-snowboarding parents at the bar and watched my kids on the ski hill all afternoon. I would have much rather been out there with them, but this was a good alternative.

I found a table on the deck and enjoyed the warm sunshine (should have remembered sunblock!) for 4 1/2 hrs. I came prepared with my book and iPod, but ended up not using either. I watched my kiddos the entire time and was completely wrapped up in their happiness and growing confidence. They loved it and I was so proud of them for trying something new on their own. I hope I'm able to ride with them at some point next winter. I know Dad is excited to get his "skiing legs" back and get out there next year too.

While watching the kids I also had the perfect view of the fateful jump that wrecked my knee. There were a lot of people out on that section of the hill, but oddly that jump was the least used (by far). Hmmmm... are other people seeing something in that damn thing that I didn't? Maybe it's just called common sense. It did look a lot bigger from the deck than it did on the approach.

As for the knee... after a few phone calls between all the doctors I'm starting to have a better understanding of what needs to happen and when. I still don't know exactly how long surgery will have to wait, but I should know at some point this week when I'll see the hematology docs (turns out there is a need to see them prior to surgery). After a quick conversation with the hematology scheduling lady this week I was told one doc was scheduling into June and the other had openings starting April 15th. But she said they may possibly be able to work with me if I was planning on having surgery sooner. It's all waiting on their the sooner the appointment the better. She's going to get back to me this week and hopefully set something up sooner than April. Fingers crossed!

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